Monday, January 05, 2009

Rule No.13

'' No fear , No surprise , No hesitation , No Doubt ''
this is said by a samurai warrior

No fear
there should be nothing in this life that you are afraid of . if there is, you might need to do some work on overcoming that fear .

no surprise
life seems to be full of them, doesnt it? you are going along wimmingly and suddenly somethng huge rears up ahead of you. but if you look carefully, there were vlues all along the way that is was going to happen. no surprises then.

No hesitation
wieght up the odds and then get on with it. if you hang back, the opportunity will have passed. if you spend too long thinking, you will never make a move.

no doubt
once you have made your mind about something, dont go over it again and again. stop thinking and enjoy. relax and let go. tomorrow will c ome along as certainly as it can. get on with it and trust your judgement .


fear is nothing but an unfinished business that needs to be done .. over come it and get it over with ...

we all know that life is an expected, and we always expect the unexpected so why do we act surprised when things happen ?

hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

once the path is chosen, buckle up and relax .. dont think about the consequences, if there will be any, they WILL COME UR WAY .. so untill then, enjoy the ride and dont doubt it

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rule No. 11

'' be your own adviser ''

deep down within all of us is a fount of wisdom, this is called intuition . listening to it is a slow learnt process, it starts with recognizing that tiny inner voice or feeling that will tell you when you've done something you shouldn't have.

you might like to call it your concious if you like, but deep down you know when you've done something bad. you know when you've got to apologize. you know and i know you know. i know because we all know. there;' no getting away from it.

try running stuff past your inner you, before doing things and see what reaction you get. ask your self questions and you'll realize that you already know everything there is to know and everything you'll ever need to know.

listen, its all there. if you are going to trust any adviser, who will it be? it makes sense for it to be you. becaue you have all the facts, all the experience , all the knowledge at your finger tips, no one else has. no one can get inside you and see exactly whats going on

this is the important stuff, what we're about to do , big decisions we have to make , why we are behaving in the way we are. you already know the anwer if you ask yourself


listen to your voice, no one knows u better than your own self ; you dont need others to decide for you when you got all the answers already .you don;t need to look around when u got it all here. all you gotta do is to trust your self and follow your guts.

its funny how to run to others seeking for advice and most of the time, we dont even like what we hear because its not we have on mind .. ZAIN SINCE U HAVE SOMETHIN ON UR MIND, WHY NOT DO IT !!! id rather follow my guts and make a mistake than listen to some one else and make a mistake ..

there is an inside voice, u gotta learn how to hear it .. its amazing how loud and carrying it can be .. how could something like that be ignored? just dont lose ur mind and go schizophrenic :P

Monday, December 29, 2008

Rule No 11

'' Be the last to raise your voice ''

shouting in any form is a bad thing, a sign that i have lost control and that i lost the argument .

the son of vicar saw his father's sermon notes and in the margin he had pencilled, '' shout here, argument is weak '' and i think this just about sums it all up

there are two situation where people lose their temper, justified and manipulative. the 1st where you run over their foot with your car and refuse to apologize. in this situation, they are allowed to shout. the 2nd situation is where people use anger to get their own way, a sort of black mail. you're allowed to ignore them and not allowed to shout back.

people who dont shout are known to be incredibily calm no matter whats happening, calm people get trusted , calm people get relied on, calm people get looked up to and given responsibility . calm people last longer


i always believed that in an argument, dont feed the fire with more wood .. just let them shout their lungs out and then once they release all that anger, you'll find out that they will be more willing to listen and then u can do your talking.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Rule No.10

'' Only dead fish swim with the stream ''

life is difficult and thats why you must thank god. if it was all fluffy and easy, we wouldnt be tested, tried , forged in the fire of life. we wouldnt grow or learn or change or have a chance to rise above ourselves. if life was a series of lovely days, we'd soon get bored. if there was no rain, then there wouldnt be any feeling of great joy when it finally stopped and we could go to the beach. if it was all easy, we couldnt get stronger.

only dead fish swim with the stream, for the rest of us, there will be battle waterfalls, weirs and raging torrents. but we have no choice. we have to keep swimming or get swept away. and each flick of our tail, each surge of our fins makes us stronger and fitter, leaner and happier.

try to see each set back as a chance to improve. they make you stronger and not weaker. thats what life is , what it is meant to be, a series of struggle and lulls, so swim little fish swim.


be grateful for the hard times, you wouldn't be you if it wasn't for them.
obstacles are like working out, the more you go through, the stronger and fitter you will be for this life .. you NEED them
remember easy life is boring, gotta have the rough times to spice it up and to rise your levels.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rule No.9

'' Be on the side of the angels, not the beasts ''

every single day of our lives we are faced with immense number of choices and each and everyone of them usually boils down to a simple choice between being on the side of angels or the beasts. which one are you going to pick ? each action we make has an effect on out family, people around us , society and the world in general and that effect can be positive or detrimental and usually its our choice . sometimes its difficult to choose, we get torn between what we want and what is good for others .. personal satisfcation or magnanimity

if some one cuts infront of you in a line or traffic in rush hour, or when you are in a big hurry and some one stops u and ask for directions or when your friend borrows money and fails to pay back or when you hit your thumb with a hammer .. so many options .. now how do you know which side are you in ? it cant be that difficult, does it hurt or hinder? are you part of the problem or the solution? will things get better or worse if you do certain things? this will help you find out where you are ..