Monday, January 05, 2009

Rule No.13

'' No fear , No surprise , No hesitation , No Doubt ''
this is said by a samurai warrior

No fear
there should be nothing in this life that you are afraid of . if there is, you might need to do some work on overcoming that fear .

no surprise
life seems to be full of them, doesnt it? you are going along wimmingly and suddenly somethng huge rears up ahead of you. but if you look carefully, there were vlues all along the way that is was going to happen. no surprises then.

No hesitation
wieght up the odds and then get on with it. if you hang back, the opportunity will have passed. if you spend too long thinking, you will never make a move.

no doubt
once you have made your mind about something, dont go over it again and again. stop thinking and enjoy. relax and let go. tomorrow will c ome along as certainly as it can. get on with it and trust your judgement .


fear is nothing but an unfinished business that needs to be done .. over come it and get it over with ...

we all know that life is an expected, and we always expect the unexpected so why do we act surprised when things happen ?

hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

once the path is chosen, buckle up and relax .. dont think about the consequences, if there will be any, they WILL COME UR WAY .. so untill then, enjoy the ride and dont doubt it

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